Vintage Button Embellishments: Eco-friendly (check), Budget-friendly? (TBA)

Oh vintage buttons, how I adore thee!

I frequently see lovely vintage buttons embellishing various crafting items on Etsy and elsewhere (including items by Yours Truly). I was pining after a good lot of buttons, but they seemed nowhere to be found. I checked my 3 main thrifting haunts in town, but they rarely seem to get in good, fun vintage buttons and baubles.

And then, Santa Claus brought me the best present ever…OK, actually it was P’s mom.  She found some little old lady who was selling her late seamstress aunt’s (?) collection. Jars and jars of splendid buttons in all shapes and colors. Sparkly ones, matte ones, red ones, blue ones, green ones, oh my! I think it ranks in my top 2 for presents (#1 would have been the witches’ broom I thought  Santa brought when I was six, but it actually turned out to be a small guitar from my grandparents…). Several of these beautiful buttons are now adorning my crafting items and will be for some indefinite period into the future. Anyhow – if you are not lucky to have a P’s mom of your own who will gift you glorious vintage buttons, where else can you find these treasures in a budget-friendly way?

Goodwill has an online shopping venue that seems very promising. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I frequently stalk/watch items on there. Check out their shopping site here:

Of course, Etsy boasts plenty of vintage sellers. Check out (random cool find):

Please share if you’ve encountered other good sources and you don’t want to keep it a secret!