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OK, V-Day is just around the corner! I know, I know, I wrote my last post about it too, but I figured there were so many fun things out there that I needed another place to showcase them!

Now I’m not really a gift-inclined Valentine person (note the avocado in previous post), but some of these crafty things are begging to have a reason for gifting. Need some sweet eco-friendly ideas for your Valentine? Check out a few of these babies:

Score some points with this lovebird necklace (made out of vintage recycled metal!!).

Snuggle up some love with Carson , the eco-friendly pogo pal made out of repurposed wool. Ok, SO cute! What exactly is a pogo?

Pretty up your house with this Sugar and Spice Valentine banner made out of vintage and upcycled fabrics! I’m starting to adore all of these things that can hang around my house…Yes, it’s a problem. 🙂

Gratuitous plug for my own V-day craftiness (!)…check out my little wool heart pins upcycled from a felted wool sweater that was left in very sad shape at the thriftstore:


Finally, for all you people who will boringly propose to your guy or gal on Valentine’s Day (yes, you know who you are) at least liven things up with something like…

A cool ring made from an antique spoon !

Or a steampunk ring made out of a vintage mechanical watch (neat-o!!).

So…maybe try to be a little sweeter to the earth this year on V-Day without having to be less sweet to your Valentine :).


Shoes, shoes, shoes! I love shoes! But, in the effort to creatively re-use things, foot wear is one of those categories where ideas are definitely hard to come by.  Shoes get smelly, dirty, faded, fall apart, broken down…how on earth do you magically transform them like some of these other crafty ideas we’ve seen?

Well, if you are totally lacking in ideas but feel the genuine eco spirit, you can recycle some types of old shoes by sending them to various shoe companies, check out this link for more info.

**I sent my old tennis shoes in to recycle because I thought maybe that was better than throwing them away or trying to donate them – they were GROSS! Hopefully they are on their second life as part of a jungle gym or cool playground slide! But, for those of you who are looking for a bit more inspiration than mailing them away, how can we reuse our shoes? See the rhyming skills there? Eh? 🙂

Well, for starters, we can be less wasteful about how much life is actually left in a shoe and RE-ENERGIZE it! Check out some of these neat-o footwear makeovers from crafty people:

Some handpainted vintage boots!

Some chic vegan spats !

Maybe add some beautiful shoe clips !

For the city girl who broke her fabulous heels, maybe try turning one into a …. stiletto planter !

For the country girl, try turning your old cowboy boots into… a fun purse ! Also gotta love the store name: PurseinBoots, heehee!!

For the bookish crafter,  use your old boots to make these teeny tiny book earrings !! Even though I’m a vegan, these were definitely calling my name…  🙂

OK, so once you start looking, there are so many cool ways to re-imagine your old footwear. Got any neat ideas? Let me know!

Vintage Button Embellishments: Eco-friendly (check), Budget-friendly? (TBA)

Oh vintage buttons, how I adore thee!

I frequently see lovely vintage buttons embellishing various crafting items on Etsy and elsewhere (including items by Yours Truly). I was pining after a good lot of buttons, but they seemed nowhere to be found. I checked my 3 main thrifting haunts in town, but they rarely seem to get in good, fun vintage buttons and baubles.

And then, Santa Claus brought me the best present ever…OK, actually it was P’s mom.  She found some little old lady who was selling her late seamstress aunt’s (?) collection. Jars and jars of splendid buttons in all shapes and colors. Sparkly ones, matte ones, red ones, blue ones, green ones, oh my! I think it ranks in my top 2 for presents (#1 would have been the witches’ broom I thought  Santa brought when I was six, but it actually turned out to be a small guitar from my grandparents…). Several of these beautiful buttons are now adorning my crafting items and will be for some indefinite period into the future. Anyhow – if you are not lucky to have a P’s mom of your own who will gift you glorious vintage buttons, where else can you find these treasures in a budget-friendly way?

Goodwill has an online shopping venue that seems very promising. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I frequently stalk/watch items on there. Check out their shopping site here:

Of course, Etsy boasts plenty of vintage sellers. Check out (random cool find):

Please share if you’ve encountered other good sources and you don’t want to keep it a secret!

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